High Pressure Cleaning and Gutter Cleaning in Canterbury

Get Jet Pressure Cleaning offers high pressure cleaning in Canterbury to help you meet your cleaning needs. Every cleaner in our company has many years of experience and uses tried-and-true cleaning methods to make any home or workplace a happy and healthy environment. Whether you need window cleaning, driveway cleaning or concrete cleaning, we can fulfil your cleaning requirements.

High Pressure Cleaning and Gutter Cleaning in Canterbury

Driveway Cleaning in Canterbury

Get Jet Pressure Cleaning is renowned for our specialist driveway pressure cleaning services. Our expert cleaner uses specially built equipment that can undertake any size cleaning job with speed and ease. We can remove all types of stains and contaminants that may be on your driveway, including oil, rust, rubber, discolouration, organic matter and more.

High Pressure Cleaning in Canterbury

Our professional high pressure cleaning services can effectively clean off grunge and grime on hard-to-clean outdoor surfaces. We can get rid of stains, dirt, moss, muck, algae and other contaminants that can be potentially dangerous and cause someone to slip. With vast knowledge when it comes to all sorts of stains and contaminants, we can quicky identify the best way to clean your outdoor surfaces for superior results.

Gutter Cleaning in Canterbury

Over time, your gutters can become clogged up with leaves and debris that can prevent rainwater from being drained properly and potentially cause structural water damage to your property. Get Jet Pressure Cleaning provides professional gutter cleaning in Canterbury at affordable rates. We recommend that you contact us to get your roof gutters cleaned twice a year to keep them flowing well.

Window Cleaning in Canterbury

Get the best window cleaning services in Canterbury from Get Jet Pressure Cleaning. We strive to achieve streak-free results no matter how dirty your windows might be. Dirty windows not only look bad, but corrosive materials can also cause damage over time. Our team can remove dirt, dust and other types of debris from all types of windows to prevent any issues while ensuring they look as good as possible.

Concrete Cleaning in Canterbury

If there are any concrete surfaces on your property that look dull or discoloured, Get Jet Pressure Cleaning can safely and effectively get them looking their best once more. Our specialist concrete cleaner will apply special cleaning chemical solutions and use high pressure cleaning equipment to completely clean your concrete surfaces to the highest standard, helping to protect against future staining and deterioration.

Paving Cleaning in Canterbury

Pavers are made from highly porous materials that can deteriorate over time due to exposure to weather conditions, UV rays, grease, grime, moss, lichen and various other debris that can cause permanent staining or damage. Get Jet Pressure Cleaning’s paver cleaning expert uses high pressure water cleaning equipment to blast away all contaminants, helping to restore your pavers to their original condition.

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